Here are a few samples of my work for your perusal (others, with clients’ permission, are available upon request) –

Articles posted on a financial website “”: 



Excerpt from an article titled “Morocco: A Feast for the Senses”: 

“There it is – the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, land of innumerable contrasts and incredible beauty. Seek and you will find as the saying goes – be it glorious beaches, sun, mountains, snow, forests, cascading water falls, streams and rivers, valleys, bare plains, gardens and groves, the mysterious desert… you name it. Hence what makes Morocco one of the most fascinating countries of the world. This is how I saw it.

Here is a land bursting with the colors of life both past and present. Once there, one is continuously bombarded with this seemingly impossible but, in fact, very tangible contradiction. Such a place has been inhabited since the very early prehistoric times. Prehistoric man was followed by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Berbers, Byzantines, Romans and Vandals, all of whom took their place on this land before the Arab invasion of the 8th century – and, because of this, no wonder it gives its amazed visitors an intriguing insight into a different world. In this respect, one may say that one is presented with a variety of fascinating facets in cultural meaning, a path traveled which at first glance might seem similar to the one undertaken in certain areas of Mediterranean historical evolution. Such occurrences, though, despite the apparent similarities, have produced two widely differing, albeit open, cultures which would, in any case, be hard to compare one with the other.”

Excerpt from an article titled “The Music Business and You”: 

“According to an article published on September 20th, 2004 on the WWW, the rapper Nelly, backed by Vivendi Universal Music Music Group, was expected to capture the top two positions on the nation’s pop chart, with combined first-week sales of about 800,000 copies of his two albums – “Sweat” and “Suit”. Such an event would apparently be the absolute first since 1991 when Guns n’ Roses hit the top two spots on the charts – and it would definitely be the first time such a record would be broken by a black artist. Whether you’re into Nelly or his musical style is not the issue here. The issue is: how are we to look at such a feat? Something that happens once in a million years – or something that feeds our drive all the way to the top?”

Excerpt from an article titled “Memoires of a Masseuse”: 

“Some people lay their lives like a wide open book, while others are forced to live in the shadows – the shadow of their past, their fears, their chosen paths. One’s choices can be a source of pride or misery. Who hasn’t experienced the “grey areas” of existence, caught between what one should and shouldn’t do? “Careers in the Dark” sheds light on real people who have something to say about their own choices. Their lives may be shocking or commendable, sinful or extraordinary or anything in between, but one thing is certain: you will want to know all about these unique people! In this issue, I give you our first protagonist, a woman who has made a living in the darkness of night, literally and figuratively. Her story will be told in a riveting three part series that will make your heart race and your breath catch. I can also imagine the occasional tear making its way down to trickle on the page as you read on. I couldn’t wait to crack the lid, to uncover all the outrageous and painful secrets. Would she evoke sympathy or consternation? I kept in mind it’s the journey that matters more than the destination. My questions would soon be answered. 


It was early afternoon on New Year’s Eve and in a few hours I would be watching the Peach drop hailing new resolutions and hopes of better days for most people. At that moment, however, I had better fish to fry. I was waiting for her to appear so we could talk about her life and dreams. I knew the time had finally come when I heard a soft knock on the door. I had a vision in my mind. I was expecting sultry, a burst of sensuality, a Venus enchantress, a siren, a seductive femme fatale. Surprisingly, I got soft spoken, slightly timid, nervous, polite, low key. She was definitely statuesque, this woman I was about to intimately converse with, but her height could not hide the slight edginess, the uncertainty and craving for protection. When she came through the door, she was firmly ensconced in her shell. Her glowing skin and rounded curves were concealed in a pair of well worn jeans, t-shirt and sweatshirt and her long hair was confined in a loose bun. No make up adorned the angel face that was enhanced by slightly Asiatic features. Hardly what one would imagine about a lady of the night.”

Excerpt from an article titled “The South The New North”: 

“I was driving down GA 400 southbound the other day on my way to a meeting. I took the Lenox exit and looked towards the pretty Atlanta skyline. Pretty, yes, despite the fact that I lost count of the myriad cranes heavily dotting the urban landscape, which in their imposing presence hail the never ending construction process of luxury offices, condos and the increasingly popular mixed use establishments. It’s an eyesore, surely, but more than anything else, in my eyes this vision screams change. A constant, rolling, upwardly mobile change. Some people proudly call it the inevitable process of urban revitalization; yet others, who may have been displaced from a home or a regular stomping ground in the name of progress, would probably use some decidedly nasty epithets to describe what is going on throughout the city. Atlanta is bustling at the core, literally releasing its energy outward.”

Excerpt from promotional article for bridal magazine: 

“To create a picture that captures the essence of WHITE ONE in the reader’s mind, we’d like to ask you to imagine a time of glamour, such as, for example, 1950’s Hollywood. Just imagine yourself there, attending one of the most prestigious, upscale parties of the time, mingling with the chic crowd. You’re seeing yourself surrounded by women who sparkle with their mysterious allure and elegance.

Now think of yourself wearing a sleek white wedding dress, confectioned with a tailoured cut that spells perfection in every magnificent inch. The dress embraces your body as if it was made for you and you alone, and this is YOUR special day. In this new vision, nobody else looks quite like you, because you’re like a perfect rare ruby standing out in an ocean of inferior stones. You’re standing in the middle of the room swathed in pure white, everyone is stunned by you, and with your appearance you have redefined the meaning of the word “beauty”. If you can visualize this, you have just had a tiny glimpse into the WHITE ONE collection.

A sophisticated, exquisite Pronovias WHITE ONE dress would look perfectly at home draped over an undisputed icon such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn or Rita Hayworth. Garbed in such a dress, you would have the power to recreate the same unique magic around you. Who wouldn’t want to BE such a star, even for a day?”

Sample Web Copy: 

“Perception: how we actually see ourselves may cause internal havoc and turmoil. It may cause a small or thin woman who is on the brink of anorexia to see herself as a large woman. It may cause a great athlete to doubt him or herself in a big game. It may cause a “normal” thinking person to see him/herself as abnormal. It may cause a very attractive woman to see herself as unattractive. It may cause a healthy person to see themselves as unhealthy. It may cause destruction from jealousy and possessiveness in an otherwise loving relationship. Perception may confuse us to the point where our conscious mind and emotions are out of control. Hypnotherapy may bring into focus what really exists and what we can become instead of the false perception of the “out of control” conscious mind.”   

Sample Masters Thesis: 

“There are those who believe that the time has come to put forth a culture of change in the world of dental education. A few–mostly Ivy League–schools have been moving away from the traditional “silo” discipline-based curriculum, in favor of one that honors experiential and active learning. The traditional curriculum is the epitome of intense and calls for any dentistry student to live, breathe, eat and sleep dentistry. Decades ago, the curriculum required memorization of large amounts of factual information, whereas new approaches recognize the importance and need for critical thinking processes and self-directed study.”

Sample (1) academic paper: 

“Fazal’s only hope where it came to provide for his family was the income from a successful crop. His world is one of extreme contrasts between his appreciation of the lushness of nature and his constant struggle for survival on the human level. The scene where Fazal walks through his patch of poppy lovingly monitoring his crop, with his two boys playing with carefree abandon in the background, seems almost magical and surreal in its simple beauty, deceptively detached from the chaos, violence and tragedy plaguing the irrevocably associated worlds of drug manufacturing, trafficking and abuse. This almost fairy tale image is, as we find out, very much comparable to a perfect apple filled with deadly poison – beautiful on the surface but fatal when tasted.”

Sample (2) academic paper: 

“Hence, costs associated with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are huge for public companies. In fact, many view this law as “the curse imposed because of the misdeeds of a few” or the unfolding of a situation where “the cure is worse than the disease”. Others view it as a blessing in disguise. After the 2001 and 2001 scandals, the screws were wound really tight on US corporations. At the time such a dramatic change was perhaps called for, in light of circumstances. Unfortunately, when the “bad guys” took the fall, so did many other innocent people who worked for the companies being investigated and were laid off in the process. The Sarbanes-Oxley act was passed quickly and ruthlessly. Some suggest it may be time to revisit this law and make it more palatable to big business. Others think that the costs are not so great when one considers the underlining beneficial effects of such legislation, that these strict audit controls are necessary to keep companies in line and prevent more damaging scandals from re-occurring at any time in the future.”

Sample (3) academic paper: 

Was Othello justified in believing Iago and not investigating the situation further? Bradley states that any man “would have been disturbed” by Iago’s allegations. Perhaps, perhaps not. This play I would describe as the antithesis of the “comedy of errors” (such as “A Midsummer-Night’s Dream” or “Much Ado about Nothing”) for which Shakespeare was so popular. It is, I would say, a “tragedy of errors”—and after reading it, we are left with a lot of “what ifs”. Namely, what if Othello had thought twice before acting? Fact is, he didn’t, and the main reason for this was the very nature of his character—open, trusting, passionate, impulsive, and insecure. All these traits mingled together to create an explosive mixture that led ultimately to tragedy. In the end, Bradley does not condemn Othello for his failure to use caution—and in some ways, neither do I, except for the fact that I would have wanted to see more confidence in someone so well traveled and experienced.

Sample liberal arts college admissions essay (fiction piece): 

“What can you say when the world around you seems to be dying of an unbearable pursuit of mediocrity and sameness? I walked through the city this morning, just as the day was hailing its first signs of activity. At that moment, I almost felt at peace with the world. Thankfully, I heard no cell phones ringing, no rush hour frenzy…no corporate rats looking nervously at their watches while struggling to make the 7:30am train to their tidy windowless cubicles. Such a drugging routine couldn’t soothe the turmoil in my heart. I rarely ventured to this part of town, but today I had a purpose. Wasn’t it Descartes who thought it necessary to prove his own existence?”

Excerpt from a book tentatively titled “Trusting the Enemy” (work in progress, unpublished): 

            “The city groaned in its sleep, while the mist fast cloaked the deep, shadowy canals with its swirling limbs. Beyond the buildings, where land gave way to sea, restive waves connected with wood and stone. The systematic, eerie thudding was accompanied by the creaking sound of boats as they rose and fell with the tide, scraping the sides of the pier during the descent towards their shifting bed.

            The woman with the long, gray cloak seemed to float over bridges and alleyways, her solitary figure pressing forward with a quick, urgent pace. In the back of her mind, she could hear the occasional whining of lanterns as the wind gently swung them to and fro.

            But tonight, she had other thoughts to ponder. Tonight, rest was a luxury she could not afford.

            No other sign of life filled the bare alleys and open spaces, barring the persistent tap of her kid leather boots on the humid stone. Nonetheless, her wide, determined strides did nothing to loosen the tight knot that had formed in her stomach.”  



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